Vika Cute Painting

Vika Cute’s paintings add character and atmosphere to your environment. Add your own unique touch to restaurants, offices, rooms and belongings.

Vika Cuteは、あなたの空間にアクセントを与えるペインティングを行います。レストランやオフィス、お部屋や持ち物に、あなただけのオリジナルデザインをプラスします。

What We Do

Flower illustrations

Window painting

Wall painting

Leather painting


Fashion design

About Me

Vika Veselova

From Vladivostok, Russia.
Veselova came to Japan after studying graphic design at Far East University and  graduated from Bunka Fashion Graduate University as the top student.
She has accomplished many achievements and received many awards in Japan and globally, including the Soen Award, Admiralty Needle, and many more.

極東大学でグラフィックデザインを学んだ後に来日。文化ファッション大学院大学を主席で卒業。装苑賞やAdmiralty Needle など、国内外多くのコンテストで受賞している。